Data Trace, the publisher of the Handbook of Lower Extremity Infections, 3rd Edition, has started a bit of a marketing “blitz” in response to the recent release of the book.  I want to take this opportunity to welcome those of you who have just come across this blog either through the recent direct mailing or the ads in PM News or Podiatry Management Magazine.  The purpose of this site is twofold; to allow me to interact with anyone interested in the treatment of lower extremity infections and to give me an opportunity to update the readership on new developments in infectious diseases as they become available.  I regularly review the ID literature for manuscripts that have a direct bearing on the way we treat the lower extremity and attend ID meetings.  This blog allows me to disseminate that information rapidly which would be impossible if I had to wait for my next book revision.

I envision this site as being interactive.  If you have a question about an interesting case (you can even post pictures), have recently heard a lecture, been detailed by an antibiotic representative or just randomly thought of a question on which you would like my thoughts, ASK AWAY!  I will do my best to answer in a timely manner with the best available evidence to support what I say, not to mention a dose of my opinion/experience.    In the future I hope to start running the occasional poll to capture what others may do in a given situation.  If you have any other ideas for this site, please let me know.  I am open to suggestions on how to make it of value to you.