You may notice that the top menu bar now has a new selection “Preview the Book”.  My idea in doing this was to get some important content from the book up on this blog to a) be a “public service” to readers of this site and b) act as a bit of a teaser to get the reader interested in purchasing the book in its entirety.  We have now posted the first of the planned previews with the opening 18 pages of Chapter 1 covering the basic principles of diagnosis of lower extremity infections.  This material covers the definition of infection, clinical diagnosis, the physical examination, explanation of fever and laboratory testing.  Readers of earlier editions of the Handbook will recognize that this content has not changed significantly from the previous editions.  Good basic principles are universal and do not change frequently so there was little need to update this material.  In upcoming previews I will include a portion of the totally new chapter on MRSA and a newly revised section of the diabetic foot infection chapter that reviews the Infectious Diseases Society of America diabetic foot infection guidelines.  This is all vital information that I felt was necessary to get on line to as large a readership as possible.  I hope that you find this posted material interesting and useful in everyday practice.